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You may find your answer below in a small number of our frequently asked questions. If your enquiry is not answered here we encourage you to contact us by calling 08 8277 3288 or by completing our enquiry form.

The gas/vapour I need to detect is not on your website. Do you have a product which will detect it?

We can detect lots of gases and vapours with our products and on occasion there is a requirement for something out of the ordinary.

Please contact us and we will require the following information to provide you the best possible solution:

  • The gas or vapour you want to detect, correct full name and if possible a SDS indicating the product’s characteristics
  • Specific environmental conditions. The application the detector will be required to operate in
  • The potential number of detectors required
  • List of other gases, vapours and chemicals the detector is likely to be exposed to
What else are audible alarms called?

Buzzers, beepers, audible signals, piezo’s, sounders, alerts, audio alarms, indicators, transducers, and various combinations of these terms (audio alerts, piezo indicators, etc.).

What is a capacitor?

A capacitor (originally known as a condenser) is an electronic component that is capable of storing energy for later release. The basic capacitor consists of two metallic plates that are isolated from each other by a non-conducting dielectric material.