Gas Detection Systems

Our team of fully qualified instrumentation/electronics technicians and electricians offer gas detection services across Australia, from remote rural locations to busy city premises and everything in between.

Consultancy, Design & Installation

Gas detection systems/life safety systems for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases for car parks, laboratories, mechanical rooms and more.

Technical Support

High performance products and equipment sourced worldwide.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Trust our experienced team to keep your equipment at its best.

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Gas Detection Systems

KDF are providers of gas detection systems / life safety systems for oxygen, flammable and toxic gases. With over 40 years experience in the gas detection industry, KDF offer a comprehensive range of equipment and solutions to meet your requirements while focussed on the protection of your personnel, plant and the environment.

Whether applications are car parks, laboratories, mechanical rooms or the like, we have a solution for you.

  • Market leader in gas detection systems
  • Consultancy, design & installation
  • Technical support
  • Authorised fully qualified technicians
  • High performance products
  • Services across Australia
  • Equipment sourced worldwide
  • Comprehensive distribution network
  • Comprehensive service & support
  • Highly experienced team
  • Personalised customer support

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