Xgard Bright MPS- Crowcon

Xgard Bright (MPS™) is the next generation of flammable gas detection.

Crowcon has introduced the first molecular property spectrometer (MPS™) flammable gas sensor for a fixed gas detector. Crowcon’s Xgard Bright with Nevada Nanotech MPS™ sensor provides advanced technology that removes the need to calibrate and provides a ‘True LEL™’ reading for all flammable gases in a multi-species environment, resulting in lower ongoing maintenance costs and reduced interaction with the unit.

This reduces risk to personnel, and avoids costly downtime. The MPS™ sensor is also immune to sensor poisoning.



The Xgard Bright with MPS TrueLEL™ sensor can accurately detect multiple flammable gases using the same sensor without any correctional factors

  • One factory calibration to Methane delivers accuracy across 15 common flammable gases including hydrogen.
  • Built in compensation for temperature, pressure and humidity. Gas concentration readings are accurate across the full environmental range.
  • The Xgard Bright with MPS™ sensor doesn’t drift, decay, or poison and requires no maintenance over its lifetime.

Existing technology is typically calibrated to a single flammable species, meaning that all other species will be incorrectly monitored. This means you will experience false and masked alarms.

The MPS™ sensor has TrueLEL™ multi-gas accuracy, detecting 15 different flammable gases from a single sensor.

Keep people and premises safer, with more efficient and accurate monitoring

Application suitability, multiple industry and applications will greatly benefit from the key features that MPS™ technology delivers.

Wastewater processing generates multiple gas hazards and requires end-to-end gas monitoring to keep people and property safe.

Existing flammable gas sensor solutions can only monitor a single target gas accurately resulting in multiple detectors required for detecting different flammable gas.

Chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas downstream processes all face the burden of calibration which entails an ongoing cost and regular disruption by visit of an engineer to complete. A solution that requires a single factory calibration will drastically reduce ongoing calibrations costs and disruption.

Multiple industries suffer from poisoned sensors which is caused by inhibitors or poisons in the environment. Existing sensor technology suffers poisoning from commonly used compounds such as sealant which contain silicon. Even environments with H2S present such as waste to energy power stations could face challenges due to exposure to H2S which can reduce existing technology effectiveness to monitor target flammable gas by up to 90% in just a few minutes.

There are various industry and application highlights that would benefit from MPS™ technology

  • Biogas
  • Power stations
  • Oil & gas upstream
  • Oil & gas midstream
  • Boiler rooms
  • Automotive
  • Steel & blue green energy plants (hydrogen)

KDF Xgard Bright MPS Datasheet 2022

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