Battery Jumper – Clements

CB Series Battery Jumper Series

The Clements’ CB Series is used to connect battery charging cables from one locomotive to another locomotive or battery charging equipment for the purpose of charging the locomotive batteries.

Clements National offers 2 versions of battery chargers to meet any locomotive platform:

  • 2-Pole Coaxial (Cadillac CB11 & CB12)
  • 2-Pole Parallel (Cadillac CBC)



These plugs and receptacles are designed to assure trouble-free battery charging and air conditioning stand by service for railroad passenger cars.

  • Corrosion resistant cast aluminum housing
  • Copper alloy nickle plated contacts
  • Electrical isolation between contacts and housing
  • Water-resistant and watertight encapsulation
  • CBC connectors are indexed so the battery charging cables cannot be mated in reversed position
  • Failure rate of less than or equal to 0.0005 failure per locomotive year (F/LY) over its lifetime
  • Pin contacts are self-aligning
  • All connectors are date coded & serialised

Plug & Receptacle CB11FB-5100-XX

Plug, 100 Amp, 1/0 AWG, Solder

Plug & Receptacle CB11FB-5150-XX

Plug, 150 Amp, 2/0 AWG, Solder

Plug & Receptacle CB12FB-5100

Receptacle, 100 Amp, 1/0 AWG, Solder

Plug & Receptacle CB12FB-5150

Receptacle, 150 Amp, 2/0 AWG, Solder

KDF Clements Battery Jumper datasheet 2022