27 Point Series – Winchester

27 Point Series

Winchester Interconnect provides custom cable assemblies for COMM or MU configuration at any length requirement. We offer optional accessories and contact kits so you can order exactly what you need for an existing part. Contact us further if you require a customised 27 Point Series.




Cadillac-Win brand of 27-point jumper assemblies and receptacles by Winchester Interconnect are available in a variety of configurations for trainline (COMM) car control/communication and (MU) multiple unit locomotive control. Car control/communication trainlines are interconnected between the entire length of the car. Typical electrical signals include: door controls and indications, public address, brake applied/released indications. Multiple unit trainlines carry traction and dynamic brake commands and indications. Typical signals between equipment include:

  • Locomotives coupled together
  • Cab car and locomotive
  • Locomotives or power cars placed at opposite ends of the train


27 point trainline communication receptacle assembly, 67 inch cable length.


27 point trainline communication jumper assembly, 67 inch cable length.

Contact us further if you require a customised 27 Point Series.

KDF Winchester 27 Point Series datasheet 2022