Motor Start Capacitor 120-144uF MSA4R22120RJ1 – Mallory

  • MSA Series capacitors
  • Rugged bakelite case
  • 220 VAC
  • -40°C to 65°C
  • Long life and high reliability

Dimensions: D46mm L85mm
Model: MSA4R22120RJ1
Manufacturer: Mallory
Sold individually



Motor Start Capacitor MSA4R22120RJ1

Found in the circuit of start windings for when the motor is starting, containing a higher capacitance than a run capacitor, providing an immediate electrical push to get the motor rotation started.

A start capacitor creates a voltage lag in the separate windings of the motor, the current builds slowly, while the armature has an opportunity to begin rotating with the field of the current.

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Suitable for electric motors, pumps, spa, dryer, drill press, compressor, bench grinders, fans, air conditioners, appliances

Capacitor ranges available 53-64uF, 80-96uF, 88-108uF, 108-130uF, 124-149uF, 145-175uF, 161-193uF, 189-227uF, 200-240uF, 60-72uF, 80-96uF

Capacitors brands available

We stock an extensive range of motor run and motor start capacitors.

Mallory capacitors

Ultimate reliability and custom solutions with fine attention to detail.

BMI capacitors – Barker Microfareds AC

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of AC Motor Start and AC Motor Run (film) capacitors.

ICAR capacitors

Simple design and automated quality control ensure high reliability.

Cornell Dubilier

Ultimate reliability and custom solutions with fine attention to detail.

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