FGard IR3 Flame Detector – Crowcon

The Crowcon FGard IR3 flame detector is an explosion proof multi spectrum IR flame detector. FGard delivers superior performance, responding to hydrocarbon liquid fuel and gas fires at long distances.

The FGard IR3 delivers first-in-class flame detection with intelligent heated optics for clearer results and advanced optical verification to greatly reduce false alarms



The FGard IR3 delivers superior performance in the detection of hydrocarbon fires

The FGard IR3 utilises the latest IR flame detection algorithms to ensure maximum false alarm immunity.

The FGard IR3 has been independently tested to demonstrate it can detect a hydrocarbon fuel pan fire at nearly 200 feet in less than 5 seconds.

Multi spectrum IR

60 metre flame detection range – Will detect all Hydrocarbon fires which means no condensation forming on the window, improving reliability and performance across temperature.

Fast detection time

Responds in less than 5 seconds to 0.1m² fire at 60 metres

Heated optics

Intelligent heated optics – No condensation / ice / water

Advanced optical verification – No reflector

Automatic test verifies cleanliness of the lens and electronic circuitry. No reflector optical check and large optical surface results in far fewer false alarms.

KDF FGard IR3 Detector Datasheet 2022

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