HMI – Crowcon

Crowcon HMI is a touchscreen controller display mimic that provides remote visibility from one point, with additional channel reading data and functionality over standard controller panel which improves efficiency and safety for operators in potentially hazardous environments.




Crowcon HMI touchscreen panel can be configured with Crowcon Vortex & Gasmaster controllers

  • View up to 6 Vortex controllers or 10 Gasmaster controllers from one Crowcon HMI screen.
  • Easily switch between each controller linked in system setup via touchscreen panel.
  • Live display of each channel status, faults and alarm levels.
  • For all new and retrofitted to all existing installations of Vortex & Gasmaster controllers

Functions via Crowcon HMI which improve efficiency and safety for operators

  • Constant communication status visibility
  • Clear display of each detector status on selected panel
  • Alarm notifications for both panel and individual detector
  • Accept & reset alarms remotely
  • Inhibit detectors remotely for re-calibration
  • Review and complete bump tests