T4x Multi-Gas – Crowcon

The T4x is Crowcon’s latest gas monitor on the market and uses next-generation MPS and Long-Life O2 sensor technologies.




T4x multi-gas detector

The popular T4 Multi-Gas detector from Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd has upgraded its sensor technology. The T4 (now T4x) portable gas detector’s capacity has been considerably enhanced with the addition of new MPSTM and LLO2 sensors and a dual hazardous sensor.

T4x reduces the number of sensor replacements by 75% and improves sensor reliability, allowing operations teams to focus on more value-added duties. T4x assists health and safety managers by eliminating the requirement for each device to be calibrated for the relevant flammable gas because it accurately detects 19 at once, ensuring compliance across the site.

Being poison resistant and with battery life doubled, operators are more likely to never be without a device.​ T4x reduces the 5-year total cost of ownership by over 25% and saves 12g of lead per detector, making it much easier to recycle at the end of its life and better for the planet.


T4x key features

  • Extended sensor capabilities
  • Long-life O2 sensor with a 5-year warranty
  • MPS (molecular property spectrometer) sensor technology that detects over 15 flammable gases in one monitor
  • Dual toxic sensors (CO and H2S) with a 3 year life
  • 35+ hours of battery life, double the length of the T4
  • Ingress Protection rated IP65 and IP67, water and dust resistant
  • Crowcon Connect compatible
  • Triple alarm system

KDF T4x Datasheet 2022

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