Miniature Power Relays:HH62,63,64 Series – Fuji Electric

Compact and light weight power relay with 10A contact rating

Product line with 2 poles, 3 poles, and 4 poles under 10A of high capacity contact rating


Miniature Power Relays:HH62,63,64 Series Design features

  • High contact rating
    Although compact and lightweight, this power relay has acontact rating of 10A. This relay is ideal for many kinds of electrical control equipment.
  • High dielectric strength
    Though very compact, this relay has a dielectric strength of 2,000V AC for 1 minute.
  • Easy socket mounting
    The input and output terminal arrangement makes the relay easy to mount on a control panel and easy to maintain and checks.
  • Easy-to-identify coil voltages
    Different coil voltages are shown by different insulating tape colors. The coil voltages can be seen at a glance.