MS4S and ST7P Series – Fuji Electric

MS4S series
Direct-reading time-scale and compact body .

ST7P series
Miniature size Super Timer




MS4S and ST7P series

MS4S series Super Timers feature an easy setting and direct-reading system of four time-scale.


  • MS4SM : Multimode operation type
  • MS4SA : On-delay operation
  • MS4SC : On-delay operation with instantaneous contact
  • MS4SF : Off-delay operation
  • MS4SY : For star-delta starting
  • MS4SR : Repeat operation

Timing range
0.05sec to 60hours


  • Surface mounting
  • Flush mounting

ST7P series feature compact and highly accurate Super Timers.

The ST7P and ST7B are on-delay operation types.

Timing range
0.06sec to 24hours


  • Screw terminal, rail mounting
  • Soldering
  • Wire wrap
  • PC board