Motor Run Capacitor 25uf 416.10.97 – Ducati

  • Fitted with 6.3mm quick connect terminals
  • Comes in self-healing metallised polypropylene film
  • Set in resin with isolated plastic case
  • 425/475 VAC
  • -25/85/21

Dimensions: D45mm L71mm (terminals not included)
Model: 416.10.97
Manufacturer: DUCATI ENERGIA
Sold individually




Motor Run Capacitor 25uf 416.10.97

A run capacitor uses the charge in the dielectric to boost the current that provides power to the motor, and is used to maintain charge.

It is important for the value of the run capacitor to be accurate because if it is too high the phase shift will be less than perfect which could make the winding current go too high and visa versa if the value is too low.

KDF can provide you with a large range of capacitors. Talk further to our staff members to discuss your specific requirements.

Suitable for electric motors, pumps, spa, dryer, drill press, compressor, bench grinders, fans, air conditioners, appliances

Capacitor ranges available 2uf, 2.5uf, 3uf, 3.5uf, 4uf, 5uf, 6uf, 7uf, 8uf, 10uf, 12uf, 12.5uf, 14uf, 15uf, 16uf, 18uf, 20uf, 22uf, 25uf, 30uf, 35uf, 40uf, 45uf, 50uf, 55uf, 60uf, 65uf, 70uf, 75uf, 80uf, 90uf, 100uf

Capacitors brands available

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