Bump Test & Calibration Kit 58L – Portagas – Honeywell

Gas concentration: 25ppm H2S CO 100ppm, CH4 2.5%, O2 18% balance N2.

Suitable for all popular gas detector brands such as Honeywell, Crowcon etc




58l quad gas calibration and bump test kit

  • 1 x 58l calibration gas 25ppm H2S, CO 100ppm, CH4 2.5%, O2 18% balance N2
  • 1 x 0.5 fixed regulator
  • 1 x ABS instrument case with foam

Bump test kit case dimensions

Internal 425mm (W) 150mm (H) 285mm (D)
External 460mm (W) 175mm (H) 360mm (D)

The high density foam provides protection from impact vibration and shock.

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