AR30/DR30 Series – Fuji Electric

Through design renewal, we deliver you “high quality performance and sense of security”.

The full range of the contact blocks and transformer units suitable for the AR22 and DR22 series may also be fitted to the AR30 and DR30 series. Easy to add or replace name plate and etc., by front tightening nut system. Safer model with metal nut is also available.



Quick-replacement contact blocks and transformer units

The snap-on construction makes replacement and addition of contact blocks and transformer units very simple and straightforward.

Oil and dust-proof operator module construction

The protection level of the AR30/DR30 operator modules conforms to IEC Standard IP65. The special seals protect the operator modules and switch mechanisms against oil, dust, and grime, thus ensuring high performance in dusty and humid environments.

  • Miniaturization
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Metal nut
  • Wiring from two directions is possible
  • A terminal cover is provided
  • Excellent oil-tight construction (IP65) of the operator