Auxiliary Contact Blocks – Fuji Electric

Easy attaching auxiliary contact block. This contact block can be attached to magnetic motor starter and contactor with a snap-on fitting.

Suits SC & SW Series Contactors

Suits Industrial Relays SH Series




Auxiliary contacts can be added easily at site. When a front mounting block is used there is no need to enlarge contactor installation space. This helps to make the control panel smaller.

Bifurcated contact is standard. High reliable bifurcated contact makes it possible to input directly to electronic control circuits like programmable logic controllers.

Auxiliary contact block with single button contacts is also available.

Terminal number conforms to IEC standard.


SZ-A40 | SZ-A31 | SZ-A22 | SZ-A20 | SZ-A11 | SZ-A02

Front mounting auxiliary contact blocks (bifurcated)



Side mounting auxiliary contact blocks (bifurcated)



Side mounting auxiliary contact blocks (single button)


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